Sunday, July 26, 2009

Does God answer all our prayers?

So many times we ask God why things happen and we often feel that God is not answering our prayers. Well He does answer them but He often chooses not to answer why because it makes it seems like he is accompice to all the bad things that happen in our lives when He isn't. He is there for us to lean on when bad things happen.
We just have to trust that God is there for us, no matter what happens in our lives.

Last week I read about a twenty something year old that died of a heart attack and I wondered why God would allow that to happen when I should have just prayed that God would be with his loved ones and help them cope with such a thing.

In the book or John Christ says...If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. (john 15:7)

There may be some prayers that God does not answer. If you were someone who did not really believe in God but chose to pretend to pray to Him and ask Him to reveal himself, He probably would not answer it. He would turn away from you as you turned away from him. Only if you were to fall on your knees and repent would he listen to your prayers.


  1. I believe God Hears and Listens to all prayers, and I also believe that in His Infinite Wisdom, He sometimes Chooses to Answer in the negative (well, negative in our eyes), and we just have to trust in His Will.

    But I also believe that prayer changes things. And maybe not always, but a lot of times I think 'badgering' helps, constantly knocking on Heaven's door sometimes does bring about the results we want. I often think of Jesus telling the story about the poor widow badgering the judge to rule in her favor, he couldn't stand it anymore and gave in to what she wanted.
    I've been told that's not what that story meant at all, but ever since I was little I took that story at face value, and you know, it's happened that way for me many a time.

  2. You may be right but God may not like the athiest badgering him or goading Him into showing himself.

  3. I almost always fall asleep in mid prayer, this always makes me feel guilty even though my Pastor says that God understands. So I have been trying to pray a little earlier and in the morning. Truthfully I believe that I am almost always in a constant state of prayer as I talk to God on and off all day.

  4. I pray any time of the day. I even stand and pray while I am cooking or washing the dishes. I often think of something or someone I want to pray for and just do it. I have not fallen asleep during prayer but have come close.

  5. I am like both of you, where I will pray constantly throughout the day. I feel like I have an almost on-going conversation with God throughout my day. All my concerns I bring to him, all the things I'm thankful for throughout the day, but I too have fallen asleep at night in mid-prayer, and I hope it's like Diana's Pastor says, God Knows what is in our hearts, and He Knows our intentions.

    It's funny you said that about the atheist badgering God to show Himself, I've often wondered if God Listens? I wonder if He uses the atheist to show His Own Glory? It will be interesting to one day find out.

  6. The lord works in mysterious ways and something that may seem unacceptable to us right here and right now, may have tremendous consideration in the greater scheme of things.

    Many people who have experienced terrible hardships and trials (such as losing a child, or being victim of a crime) turntheir lives to work for those causes. Maybe it was written for them to feel that way. Others, lose faith because of their hardships and fall into depression and despair.

    So, I believe strongly that yes - prayers are answered. Maybe not in the way and time that we would like, but in the way that is for the good of all mankind. We may pray fo a job and not get it - this does not mean God has not answered us,it means there is a bigger picture at work: and God is taking us toward it all of the time.