Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where is God when Tragedy strikes

Years ago I had a friend whose mother happened to be one of the strongeast women I ever met. She was in her ninth month of pregnancy with her 9th child when she saw her husband get killed when his tractor over turned. She raised all nine of her kids by herself. She found one of her sons dead from a gunshot wound after he came home from the war. Another son killed himself a year later. Another son was a police man who was shot and paralyzed from the waist down while her one daughter had breast cancer. She had been through so much. After the second son killed himself in front of her and her daughter, she continued to cling to God and her faith even though her house burned down a few months later.Most people would have lost their minds but she did not. Her faith seemed to grow stonger and stronger. She often said that is what got her through those times.

Paul wrote of his troubles and all he had suffered while he was working for the Lord.

People of faith know that God is with the suffering and dying. He will always be with them. He never leaves them but it is hard for those who have no faith to understand that.

Life does not come to an end with physical death. We move on to our Heavenly father. It is like going home We go home to be with our Father and our loved one. If you an undetstand that, you will be able to accept that God is with you throught it all.

While I was in nurses training, I learned there are several steps in grief, which is what we feel when tragedy strikes us. Faith in God plays an important part in all of them and I feel those who lean on God during those times, fare better then those who try to do it on their own.

So the next time you hear of a tragedy, just remember God is with the ones who are suffering just as he has always been.

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