Friday, August 13, 2010


I have and foster sister that was a wonderful woman in so many ways but she was the kind who felt her church was the only church anyone should go to and if you did not go to that church or one just like it in every way, she felt you were going to hell. I attended a Methodist church many years and she felt that was wrong. I started going to a Baptist church and she felt that was wrong also.
Going to church does not make one a christian any more then standing in a garage makes you a car. I go to church because there is something wonderful about having fellowship with a group of people who worship like I do. I feel comfortable with them and enjoy the Pastor's message. I am a sinner who goes to worship God just like all the other sinners in that church. I love the singing too. I have a horrible voice but I sing loud and strong. God gave me this voice and he must love it so I use it.

I do not go every Sunday because of work schedules but I go when I can.  I don't pretend that my church has all the answers.  I just know it is made up of a great group of people who made me feel welcome from the moment I walked through the door.  I thankGod I have my church family to pray for me and with me when I need it.


  1. Garnet, it seems you have really been dumped on this week over politics and religion. I know you care very much for these people so just let it go sweetie.....God wouldn't want people fighting, most people can celebrate their beliefs wherever they are. Have a wonderful Saturday, sending many hugs...:-)

  2. Bernie, I have been dumped on more than once this week about some of these people but I feel my faith in God is strong enugh to get me thru it all and He will prevail. *s*

  3. your sisters church sounds like the one we were attending to and has all these rules you must follow or else.. Thanks fors stopping by. You are more than welcome anytime. i was just thinking about my next post.. I dont post every day but try to twice a week.