Friday, February 11, 2011

What happened to me???

I went to say my prayer tonight and while I was going thru the same words I say at each meal, I was inspired to pray more earnestly for our country. I always pray for our leaders and our country but it was sorta mundane.  However, tonight I wanted to put more feeling into and it felt like the words I was saying were not even my words.

I suddenly began to wonder when our country began to push God out of our country. I think it began when one woman got up and demanded that prayer be taken out of our schools.  Nobody was forced to pray but it gave those of us who wanted t pray, a chance to do it without being ridiculed.  Those who did not want to pray just stood there and showed some form of respect for those of us who did.  What was wrong with that?  What was wrong with people just praying their day would go right and God would watch over us?

Our country needs to get back to God.  We need people who are going to protest when a man of God gets fired for preaching what the bible says.  We need people who are going to let the world know how angry they are when a teacher is fired for wearing a cross to school.  (that happened where I once went to high school.)  It was just a few years ago that they fired her for  wearing what they considered a symbol of christianity. What is wrong with people?

Why did that come to me while I was praying for my meal and thanking God. I felt like someone had just taken over.  It just was a weird feeling.


  1. What a great post! anyway, ur invited to follow my blog at God bless!! :D

  2. I agree Garnet. At Katie's High School there is a group of teens that gather outside every morning before class into a prayer circle. The school hasn't tried to stop them, thank goodness.
    Love Di ♥