Friday, February 11, 2011

What happened to me???

I went to say my prayer tonight and while I was going thru the same words I say at each meal, I was inspired to pray more earnestly for our country. I always pray for our leaders and our country but it was sorta mundane.  However, tonight I wanted to put more feeling into and it felt like the words I was saying were not even my words.

I suddenly began to wonder when our country began to push God out of our country. I think it began when one woman got up and demanded that prayer be taken out of our schools.  Nobody was forced to pray but it gave those of us who wanted t pray, a chance to do it without being ridiculed.  Those who did not want to pray just stood there and showed some form of respect for those of us who did.  What was wrong with that?  What was wrong with people just praying their day would go right and God would watch over us?

Our country needs to get back to God.  We need people who are going to protest when a man of God gets fired for preaching what the bible says.  We need people who are going to let the world know how angry they are when a teacher is fired for wearing a cross to school.  (that happened where I once went to high school.)  It was just a few years ago that they fired her for  wearing what they considered a symbol of christianity. What is wrong with people?

Why did that come to me while I was praying for my meal and thanking God. I felt like someone had just taken over.  It just was a weird feeling.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When did you know?

There comes point in our lives when we have to decide who we are going to follow.
 Are we going to follow the teachings of Jesus or that of the devil?  Or, I should say follow the path that is easy to follow because it is a well trod path and so many are leading the way for us.

I don't remember my exact age. I was either eleven or twelve and we were at campmeeting.  They had this huge tabernacle made of wood and I loved to go there for the meetings that were held there each August during the first ten days. It always started on the first Friday and lasted ten days.  I do not really remember the exact message but I just remember being pulled towards the alter when the sermon was done.  I did not really know where the alter was but I was just drawn to go forward.  Once a lady took my hand and knelt with me, I felt my whole body fill with light as she prayed with me. I never experienced anything like that before or sense. I know it sounds crazy but I felt as though I had been washed totally clean. The spirit filled my very being.  I know some do not think kids that young can feel that way or understand what is going on but I know I was saved that night.

I wish I could say I continued down the godly path but Satan was just so strong and during my teen years and early adult life, I strayed.  But I never strayed so far that I knew I could not get back on the right path.  Finally, my husband I both rededicated our lives to christ and we did manage to get back on the right track again. I did not feel that wonderful feeling that I did the first time. I think that is a once in a life time thing.  I felt good about what I had done though and know it was what God wanted me to do.

Rev. 3:20 ~ Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.  I was lucky.  He knocked on my door twice and I let him in.    I hope that I can be the kind of christian He wants me to be.