Friday, April 10, 2009

I was reading the previous post and I think the reason why it is so hard for some of us to be peacemakers is because of many things that are going wrong in our own lives. We are troubled by many things that seem out of our control and instead of depending on Christ and finding our answers thru him, we try to solve our problems ourselves. We cannot find the contentment we need to feel at peace if we don't just hand things over to him and let him take care of them so we can be contented.

Our glass is always half empty instead of half full. It will be that way until we learn to love God Completely.

When you love God totally, you have deeper relationships. People bond closer when they trust in the Lord.

You are more willing to forgive. I once heard of a man and woman who were good christians and they lost their son to a drunk driver. Their son was also a christian and they knew he would want them to forgive the drunk driver. They not only forgave him, they visited him in prison and he became a christian. they are close to him and his family. How many of us could do that?

I would like to quote Emily Barnes and say. 'Bury the hatchet that causes a war within yourself and others. Take your sins to the cross and leave them there. Never pick them up again.'

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  1. What a beautiful post especially at this time of year. Not only becasue of the season which reminds us of why Jesus died for us on the cross but because of so many unnecessary deaths due to unnecessary wars, and so many families which are broken. Perhaps if we find peace within ourselves through God then the world will follow. You sound like a beautiful person whose faith and love for others is so needed in today's society. Hugs