Friday, April 24, 2009

Funny how thing work out..........

My daughter is in the hospital and I am not sad about it. I am happy cause she was taken out of a terrible situation that we have been trying to get her out of for months. She called us crying and we called the police. The police took her by ambulance to the hospital and I am at ease for the first time in months.

She left here and was involved with a couple she met on the net. We knew they were taking her money and abusing her but we could not do a thing. She wanted to be independent.

I have been praying for God to watch over and and get her out of that situation. This is not what I asked for but it is how He worked. I know. He really does work in mysterious ways.

She is not hurt physically but mentally she has all sorts of problems and she is just in the hospital for evaluation for a few days. All I know is that she is safe and that is what is important.

God really does answer prayer. He may not answer it in the way we like but he does. He sure answered the prayers my husband and I have been sending daily.


  1. I am so pleased that your daughter is safe and sound. Just knowing that must bring you and your husband peace. I pray your daughter gets well and I know she is in the right place right now, God is good. Good Luck to all of you and know that you all are in my prayers..:-)Hugs

  2. She is so confused. Her mental illness does that. It is just a relief to know she is not in harms way right now.