Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Which one is best

Not long ago I got into a discussion with some people about which version of the bible is best. I prefer the kj version while some prefer the Niv or other version. My daughter reads the NIV because it is hard for her to understand the kj version. I told on man this and he spoke up and said if she really wanted to she could understand that version of the bible and read it, not the watered down version. I knew then that he never dealt with someone who was learning disabled. I tried hard to make him understand that she could not know what some of the verses were saying to her. She tried to read the kj version and just could not and gave up on trying til I got her the new one.

I love the King James version. I love the language and how it just seems to flow for me. But even the King James version is watered down from the bibles that were used before that.

I can handle the NIV but other versions seem like fairy tales to me. I have several versions in my home but most I have only glanced thru once or twic. I like to go to yard sales and buy the bibles here. I have quite a few. I do it mainly cause people write in them and give their thoughts on various verses. I like reading their notes and wondering what kind of women they were. Most of them are women. I could have a thousand bibles in my home of all different verses but if I do not pick up one and read it and follow the ten commandments and what jesus says, and give my soul to him, they won't do me a bit of good.

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  1. What a beautiful post. I read the King James version, it's the only one I have really but it's as much a part of me as my heart is. God's word is absolute so in my opinion if your daughter hears God's word with another version that's wonderful. If we all followed the Ten Commandments I'm not sure we would even need to read the Bible. Our lives and the world would be a beautiful loving place to live but I need to read his word to keep my faith strong feel close to him. Take care.....:-) Hugs