Sunday, June 21, 2009

How do you pray when you are deperessed?

It is so easy to pray and thank God for all the good things in your life when you are not deperessed. As long as things are going fine and we have money in the bank to pay for the things we need, I can sing praises all day long and into the night.

But it is during those times when life is the darkest that I I find it hard to pray. Oh, but I still pray. I pray as I wash dishes or lay on the courch watching tv. or while I am on the computer. I have my little chats with God no matter what. I won't let anything stop me from doing that. I had to tell Satan to get behind me a few times the other day but I did manage to do it.

First of all, jesus does not like repetitive prayers. Saying the same thing over and over just does not do it for him. It does not seem to come from the heart when you do that. Each prayer should be unique and not rushed. We need to remember who we are praying to and how to pray to God the father. He is our father and we must always praise him in our prayers and thank he for what he has done for us. He espects us to do it in private and not ramble on the way some religions do.
The Lords Prayer is the prefect model to be used but not one to be used over and over. We need to honor God, ask Forgiveness and forgive those who have offended us in any way.

You can ask God for wisdom, health or whatever but remember that His will is what will be done. You may not like the answer but He will always answer. There is no such ting as an unanswered prayer. His answer is yes, later, or no. You must accept the answer He gives and know it is beause His will, will be done.


  1. Good Morning Garnet, I liked this post very much. I agree with all that you said. Your words were very smart!

  2. I think prayer is used by those in need even more than by those who are in a good spot for the moment. Life is not perfect and we all hit those dark moments. Some like you and I find it easy to pray, at happy and sad times, others struggle. I always tell them one word will suffice, Help! I believe God hears our prayers no matter how repetitive we may sound to him, or how many words we use, he knows our heart as he knows every hair on our heads. We are so blessed Garnet to have our faith, have a great day and hope you are feeling better my friend..... :-) Hugs

  3. I have been there. There was a moment in my life when prayer would not come. Nothing, I was empty.
    I had to ask others to do the praying for me. But I did learn that just handing your feelings over to God is prayer itself. I don't think words are needed at all. A thought, a feeling, offered up to God is prayer. He knows our hearts.
    And I too believe all prayer is answered. Maybe not in the way we wanted or the manner we anticipated, but prayer is always answered.