Sunday, June 7, 2009

If he brings you to it....

Often we think those who are in misery would not be the right ones to talk to if we are suffering from the same thing. When I found out I could never have children, I was a lonely miserable woman. I chose to be that way. I did not want to be around those who had kids, even the women who I thought were my best friends. I wallowed in self pity.

How did I bring myself out of it? I decided to look for women who could not have children and talk to them about their problems and how they dealt with it. I wanted to minister to them, I guess. I know it seems crazy. I mean how could I minister to them when I felt so miserable? I found that the more I talked to them, the better I started to feel about the situation and myself. I started to think, God brought me to this for a reason and maybe that was the reason. To talk to others about it. As the saying goes, "If he brings you to it, He can bring yo through it.."

Psa. 126:5-6

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

If you are hurting, the best thing to do is find someone else who is, and talk to him or her about what is going on and how you solved your problems. Give them hope and let them know someone else cares.


  1. Beautiful post!
    And I agree one hundred percent. People always think it's the 'good' shared feelings that draw people to each other, but some of my best friends are the ones that have shared their deepest pain, it is a bond that goes beyond friendship. A shared pain is a shared soul.

  2. Hello, I just stopped in to read your blog, as I saw your name on Bernie's Blog. You ministered to me today, thank you for your words of wisdom. : )

  3. Oh so true my friend, this has been something I have practiced through rough spots in my life. My Faith is my life and I give thanks daily to God for walking me through each second of each day. Have a wonderful Monday .....:-) Hugs

  4. I know some of what you dealt with. I am a mom now but went through four years of infertility, surgeries, miscarriages, and living by the ovulation clock. How precious your heart must be to get to the place of reaching out and wanting to minister to those hurting in the same way. MANY blessings to you for your sweet compassion.

  5. I love this posting as it very much reflects how I feel. Everything that we go through is just another stepping stone on our path that God is taking us down. We need to be very aware of the journey as it leads us where we are supposed to be!
    I love Titanic too! I've seen it many times!

  6. It sounds to me that you handled your disappointment in SUCH a positive way. I'm sure you have been able to encourage others SO much more effectively because you have been through this yourself. I like that you "admitted" that you CHOSE to be lonely/miserable. If you can choose to be happy, it makes sense that misery is ALSO
    a choice, no?