Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thanks To God.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this blog. I know there are people out there who read it as there are some brave souls who even admit to following it. But there are times when I think I could be doing other things.

Tonight, I realize that I am doing this one because I feel there is a purpose to what I am doing. I am finding a way to express to people how I feel about God and the important things in my life.
God gave me several gifts. One of those gifts is the ability to express myself in my writings and in the quilts I make for others.

When I am frustrated, I pick up a pen, my meditation books and head for the kitchen table and I read my book and bible then comment on what I have read. I also do that on the computer via this blog and it helps me get over whatever frustrations I have. Or, I pick up my fabric, needle and thread and go at my quilt while I watch t.v. or listen to music. God gave me those gifts to comfort me. I love him for that.

I do not get out to witness to him as I feel I should so I go to my computer and try and witness to him. I know it is like pounding my head against a wall at times but I do try.

Thank you God for giving me the abilities I do have!!!


  1. What a wonderful post, and I feel you are witnessing for God by making quilts for others, by writing about your love for him. We are human and God knows every hair on our head and he knows your heart. He gave you these gifts to use and you are using them well as he would want you too. Take Care/I Care Bernie

  2. I read your blog and if it helps one person that reads it, it is all worth it.

  3. You are a beautiful person who shares the gifts God has given you with others. It is through your beautiful stitches that God helps you with the beauty of your life. To me you are a wonderful witness for God to all you share your quilts and your life with. Be happy my blogger friend and know God is always with you. God bless, Berniie

  4. Its wonderful the change in ones life that comes from faith in God and his beloved Son.

    All we have we owe to Him

  5. Nicely expressed about thea blessing in your life and how you share them with others.