Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is one of those nights I cannot sleep and as I sat in my living room tonight, getting ready for my meditation, I saw many things I did not need. There are various knic nacs I have sitting around that I don't need. There are cameras here. Three to be exact and I only one. Hubby has 3 binoculars laying out on my dishwasher. Does he really need 3? There are endless Cds we never listen to any more piled on the desk. Clothes that I will never wear hang in my closets. Some shirts in his. We will never wear them but they hang there.

Purses. I must have ten of them and only use one, maybe two. The others are just hanging there and I keep thinking I will need them some day. For what?

I have decided that Good will can use these things better than I. Someone some where may want a purse and they cannot afford to buy one. Or one of the many pairs of shoes that I have here. I am not going to wear them so someone might put them to good use.

Some times our lives become cluttered like our homes. Too many things going on and too many things keeping us from our daily walk with God. I am working on getting rid of those things. Some of my online activties kept me from my walk but now I am useing the computer to try and Keep God in my activities on here for the most part. I have cut back on tv time and try to spend more reading books on meditation and prayer. My daughters have gotten me some wonderful prayer journals that I keep filling. I love them.

But if your life is filled with clutter, get rid of it. You will find it makes you happier.


  1. What a fantastic blog you have going here Solitude!! I love it and I hope that you don't mind if I follow??
    I too am a purse hound. Like you said though....for what???, lol!! You're right, we can only use one at a time. Or we could use two and have our hunny's carry one for us (if they match their shoes that is...)
    If you have a moment or two of your life that you don't mind wasting, please visit me at my blog and say hello.
    Take good care and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. I'm looking around my loungeroom and seeing lots of things I don't need either. Things cause you stress, when there are too many of them so close together. I just decluttered my house a month ago and it looks like it needs doing again!!
    It will be good to get stuck into it though. I need to clear my head... it hasn't been an easy day :)